Anxiety Counselling Gisborne

Experiencing anxiety can be very frightening and we can get into a situation where the fear of having an anxiety attack can actually bring on the anxiety. We then get into a situation where we are in a vicious circle.

Anxiety is a response to fear, this can be a real fear, an imagined fear or a fear of our feelings. When we experience anxiety our body is preparing us to fight or run away and adrenaline is produced which is what causes the symptoms.

Counselling can help when you suffer from anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety

Symptoms of anxiety include:

✓ irritable
✓ dry mouth
✓ palpitations
✓ panic
✓ shortness of breath
✓ sweating

It is usual to experience a little of these symptoms when we find ourselves in stressful situations, such as an interview or exam. As soon as it’s over the symptoms pass. However, for some people the symptoms of anxiety are present more often.

We can provide a safe space where you can talk through your feelings and identify your fears and possible causes for your anxiety. Together we will find a way to break the vicious circle and explore how to manage and reduce the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Are you suffering from anxiety and would you like some help? Feel free to send one of us a message.

Gisborne Counsellors


Sindy van Zyl

My name is Sindy van Zyl, counsellor and psychologist.

I enjoy working with adults, adolescents and couples using a variety of therapy models.

I’m also an approved counsellor for ACC sensitive claims.

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Counselling Gisborne - Counsellor Margaret

Margaret Rishworth

My name is Margaret Rishworth.

I have been counselling for many years and I have the knowledge and experience of working in mental health.

I’m also an approved counsellor for ACC sensitive claims (trauma).

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